The What Principle

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The What Principle

What do I need to do to tie up my land? What are the big issues I have to move forward in order to get this project to construction?

The What Principle, Part I

What are the Four Basic Phases to Developing Commercial Real Estate and what are the specific issues the developer must address related to the land parcel and the intended use?

The What Principle, Part II

What are the three key issues to focus on during the feasibility or diligence period of the Vision/Pre Development phase. What do you need to do to tie up the land parcel, what are the “big six” all developers must address and finally what are the specific issues that must be examined related to the land site and what the developer desires to build on the land site.

The What Principle, Part III

This presentation explores the transition From Pre-Development To Construction, Management and Sale Or Refinance. and enables the developer to get a quick look at their role in all four phases of commercial real estate development.


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